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    If you can spare 20-30 minutes twice a week, we can help you get sexy, strong, and fit.

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    Find Your TIME​

    Exercise programs nowadays fall into two diametric categories: Too lengthy to be practical (unless you live or work in a gym); and too short to believably deliver real results (unless you believe that lithe fitness model who says she only works out 4 minutes a day).


    We teach a strength-training protocol scientifically proven (link) to deliver better results in less time.


    What that means to you in a practical sense is:


    If you can free up just 20-30 minutes a couple of times a week, you have the time to go from flabby and lethargic to firm and trim.


    You don't even have to change out of your street clothes.

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    Find Your FOCUS

    Life comes at you fast. It's not uncommon to feel completely overwhelmed by the stresses of modern life. It scarcely feels like you have even a moment for yourself.


    Enter - strength training.


    The rigor of the practice demands your attention and focus. An interesting thing then happens: The "monkey mind" quiets down. The incessant internal chatter in your mind fades to the background. All your problems, your concerns, your fears (real and imagined) - the volume knob gets rolled down on them all.


    All that's left is you, in the moment.


    Scientifically, strength training has shown demonstrable psychological benefits, not limited to:


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    Find Your STRENGTH

    Why do we emphasize training for strength so much in our programs?


    Because strength is the shortcut. It doesn't matter what your fitness goal is.


    Want to lose weight? If you don't want to lose muscle (which you don't, as you'll be likely to regain that lost weight, with interest), then you'll need to focus on strength training. Not only does it reshape your body, retaining muscle prevents your metabolism from taking a nosedive during the weight loss process.


    What about athletic prowess? You need strength and robustness, otherwise your body will not survive the conditioning required to bring your fitness levels up to snuff - you'll be sidelined with small injures built up during training.


    What if you just want to live longer and healthier? What if I told you physical strength is the key factor in longevity and freedom from disease?


    The fastest path to achieving your fitness goal is training to acquire strength.

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    Find Your ENERGY

    If you're like most people, right now, you're exhausted. You'd love to have the energy to do better things for yourself and your loved ones, but you're exhausted. You'd love to rethink your life, optimize your workday, and take on new challenges, but you're exhausted.


    Is it possible to get tired of being tired?


    How can our brand of concentrated strength training help give you more energy?

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    Find Your POWER

    Wanting a better body isn't a mere vanity project. Your body is the vehicle with which you move through and experience the world, and vibrant health is the rocket fuel that powers you. For you to truly live.


    What's the first, easiest step towards building a better life?
    Build a better body. Why is that?


    How better to demonstrate to yourself that you have control over your reality than to literally "shape and sculpt" the actual material that your physical reality is constructed from?
    Build a better body, and you'll build a better life.


    Build it - faster - with us.


  • Take a look "under the hood" of our fitness programs.

    Learn more about the specifics of our approach to fitness and why we can deliver the same (or better!) results in so much less time.


    The Three Pillars of our approach:

    Slow-speed Strength Training (SuperSlow Protocol)

    The backbone of our exercise system, we primarily utilize slow-speed strength training on specially-designed equipment. Our work with this system over the past decade has shown several advantages that allow us to deliver more bang for the training buck:

    • Machine-based exercise is easier to learn, meaning you'll get results faster, instead of wasting time "learning".
    • The system minimizes uncontrolled forces during exercise, meaning you'll run less risk of sustaining an accidental injury.
    • Highly adjustable equipment means we can tailor the workout to you, even if you're already injured, meaning we can offer you the closest possible thing to a pain-free workout (we mean "bad pain", of course - the "good pain" of effective exercise is a given!).
    • The controlled lifting and strict form of this system forces your muscles to do the work, meaning your joints won't get banged up, even at heavy loads.

    Traditional Strength Training

    Some technologies never go out of style, and there are certain specialized movements that deliver unique benefit, especially if your primary goal is performance-based (i.e., you play a sport or are involved in the movement arts). We utilize the lowest-risk, highest return conventional weight training movements, and we progress them according to your personal skill and ability.

    Manual/Bodyweight Exercise (Calisthenics)

    Arguably the oldest form of "strength training", calisthenics are the most intuitive of exercise. After all, what could be more intuitive than moving your own body through space in various ways? What demonstrates your athletic prowess more than being unchallenged to move yourself in any direction, in all situations?


    And yet, over the course of a lifetime, we lose our ability to perform them, little by little, until the most elemental of movements - walking - becomes a terror to us; for some, a literal matter of life or death (as a fall could cause a life-threatening hip fracture).


    As your strength improves, we help you regain these primal skills - the touchstone of physical autonomy - and the confidence that comes with physical mastery.

  • Locations and Hours

    Come visit us at our flagship location at:

    The Ultimate Training Center

    532 Madison Ave (corner of Madison Ave and 54th St), 7th floor.


    Or, drop by our private workout studio at:

    Salient Fitness

    73 West 85th St., Suite A (corner of West 85th St and Columbus Ave).


    Sessions are by appointment only, 7am-8pm, Monday-Friday.

    (646) 598-6198

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  • Meet your Trainers

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    Eugene Thong

    Co-Founder/Personal Trainer

    Eugene holds a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Rutgers University. During his senior year at Rutgers, he was a student intern in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center of Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, where he designed and implemented exercise programs for post-cardiac event patients.


    Since becoming a personal trainer in 2000, Eugene has amassed over 30,000 hours of personal training experience supervising one-on-one and group sessions. Eugene is certified as a post-rehabilitation exercise specialist and obtained his CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) from the National Strength and Conditioning Association in 2004.


    As befitting his "mad scientist" demeanor, Eugene tirelessly researches and experiments with optimizing his fitness, nutrition, and performance - often testing the results in the "laboratory environment" of the Renzo Gracie Brazilian Jiujitsu Academy.

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    Tanya Trombly

    Co-Founder/Personal Trainer

    An ACE-certified personal trainer with over ten years experience, Tanya draws on her background as a professional ballerina in her exacting but compassionate style of coaching. She has worked with clients from all walks of life, but her approach is tailor-made for clients who want a ruthlessly efficient workout, followed by a swift return to the bustle of their daily lives.


    Her personal dedication and practice of our method of strength training has allowed her to continue to perform at a professional level in ballet long past the typical shelf life of a ballerina. A true devotee to the "walk the talk" philosophy of fitness, Tanya serves as living, breathing inspiration and motivation for her clientele.


    You can read more about Tanya and her unique approach to fitness at her website: Anti-Bunhead Fitness.

  • F. A. Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

    Is your gym for me?

    Our gym specializes in high-efficiency, high-yield, and joint-friendly exercise. It's not for people who enjoy "hanging out" at the gym. It's not for people who ego-lift. It's not for people who are interested in displaying the latest fitness fashions.


    If you just want to "take care of business" in a brief 20-30 minute workout, so you can get back to your life, then this might be the place for you.


    If you want a well-designed, scientifically-backed program that will get you the results you desire, then this might be the place for you.


    If you hate the "big box" gym scene of loud music, overstuffed locker rooms, and judgmental stares from the peanut gallery, then this might be the place for you.


    If conventional methods of exercise cause you pain, then this might be the place for you.


    If you're worried that you might be too injured or brittle to exercise, then this might be the place for you.

    How long will it take before I see results?

    Results can vary wildly, depending on where you start from. For example, an out-of-shape 40-year old who was an athlete in college will probably see changes faster than a 70-year old who has never exercised - but not always!


    Generally speaking, a client will typically notice physical changes at about the 4-6 week mark. But most of our clients report "feeling better" (i.e., energy levels, posture, etc.) right after the first one or two workouts.

    Will your exercise program help me lose weight?

    It will definitely help, but what will contribute most to fat loss is changes to diet. Study after study conducted on weight loss shows that while exercise is a helpful modifier, dietary changes are the primary driver behind fat loss.


    A simple thought experiment underscores this: Running 4 miles burns about 500 calories (more or less). A delightful Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks contains about 550 calories. Which can you finish faster? Plot twist: Both stimulate hunger - salt in the wound!


    We couple our exercise program with nutritional coaching for our clients interested in weight loss. We get as granular as you like: generalized suggestions for neophytes, all the way to macronutrient calculations for you obsessive types.


    Note: Interestingly, most of our female clients report having significantly smaller measurements despite only modest changes in scale weight. This is due to muscle gain offsetting fat loss. And since muscle takes up about 20% less volume than an equivalent weight of fat, it's no surprise they would be smaller.

    Will I get big and bulky?

    In a word - no. Significant muscle gain (i.e., "looking like Arnold") is a specific goal that must be doggedly pursued and can typically only be achieved through years of intense work and a highly specialized eating plan that involves obscene amounts of food (much of it not "fun" food). There does exist that rare individual who has the genetic ability to quickly and easily add slabs of muscle, but chances are if you're reading this FAQ, you're not that person, especially if you're female (since women have roughly 1/100th the levels of testosterone - the muscle-building hormone - that men do).


    Men and women alike improve the shape of their bodies on our regimen. They gain curves where they want them, and lose curves where they don't.


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